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 Snakes at Sunset carries a wide range of snakes for sale year-round. We carry snakes between $10.00 and $10,000.00! The snakes we offer for sale are always healthy, sexed correctly, and feeding. You have to check out our huge selection of snakes for sale online!

Snakes are on the most misunderstood creatures on earth. Since the bible times, snakes have been feared and respected. 

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We offers an absolutely huge selection of snakes for sale, from exotic vine snakes to captive-bred ball pythons, kingsnakes, corn snakes

Snakes for sale

Snakes are a truly diverse group of reptiles varying in size, colours, patterns and even diet habits. Often considered some of the easiest reptiles to keep by many.

Boas and Pythons
Boas and Pythons
Corn and Rat Snakes
Corn and Rat Snakes
King and Milk Snakes
King and Milk Snakes
Other Snakes
Other Snakes
Nelsons Milk Snake
Nelsons Milk SnakeLampropeltis triangulum nelsoniPrices from£189.00
Nelson’s Milk Snakes have thin black and white rings with wide red bands.
Pueblan Milk Snake
Pueblan Milk SnakeLampropeltis triangulum campbelliPrices from£129.00
Pueblan Milk Snakes are banded with bright colours, this makes them an attractive species to own. They are shy and prefer to have small, tight hides to curl up in.
Royal Python or Ball Python
Royal Python or Ball PythonPython regiusPrices from£79.00
Royal Pythons are calm and gentle, making them an ideal beginners snake as long as their environmental requirements are met. They are available in a huge variety of colour morphs and are hugely popular exotic pets.
Variable Kingsnake
Variable KingsnakeLampropeltis mexicana thayeriPrices from£139.00
Variable Kingsnakes are classed within the beginner species of snakes and are ideal for people new to keeping reptiles or for the younger generation as their first pet snake.


The snakes we sell are top notch, high quality animals. When you buy a snake from us, it come with live arrival guarantee, and when we ship it, it will arrive the next morning. We also have extremely competitive pricing on all our snakes for sale.  

Snakes are one of the easiest pets to maintain, and are extremely interesting to watch and handle. The colors they have are mind blowing, and endless. 

If you are looking for a pet snake, we are the place to buy a snake at! 

Most snakes feed only once a week, and may skip meals depending on the weather or season. Snakes also shed their skin, and a healthy snake will shed its skin in one full piece. When you buy a snake from us, we will put a sticker on the container or bag showing when the snake had its last meal, and what size meal it was. 

We carry the countries largest selection of snakes online. We have Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, Boas, Pythons, Ball Python Morphs, and so many more different types of snakes for sale! Some of our most popular beginner snakes are Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons. They stay relatively small, and are great first time pet reptiles for almost any age. 

The very mass majority of the snakes we offer online are captive bred. Please read the description for each snake for sale to see details about it!